What Women Want In A Man Strong And Silent Like Michael Myers Shirt

What women want in a man strong and silent like Michael Myers shirt

“Good morning, Mrs T!” I called out from the foot of her bed in the open ward. An eerie beam of light split her face as I pulled back the curtain. “How are you this morning? Can you give me a thumbs up? Wiggle your toes? Stick out your tongue? Mrs T? Mrs T??” I shown a light into her neverending eyes. She did not flinch. In desperation, I pinched a finger. She did not move.

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They were so into it that they didn’t even notice me watching them. When they finished, John made a move to go to the bathroom. He turned towards the door and that’s when he saw me. He looked like an electrocuted cat (I haven’t seen one, chill) and screamed like a lady. Brittany sat up in bed and saw me. She rolled to the side of the bed and tried to hide under and shouting “you b*tch!” the whole time LOL too bad she didn’t fit so she had to settle for the corner with the duvet covering her naked self.

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John tried to sweet-talk me and give some lame excuse of what I just saw. I wasn’t having any of it. I stood from the chair, snapped a quick photo of them in the room, found the spare key I gave him, took my groceries and calmly went out of there. Both of them were working at an airbase in Japan. Brittany was married. I asked some of my friends who know Brittany and her husband and I managed to get her and her husband’s email. I emailed him of what happened, attached the photo I took and Cc’d both John and Brittany.

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What women want in a man strong and silent like Michael Myers shirt

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We moved into a small, quiet neighborhood very close to my widowed mother and the area I grew up in. At the time I was working for a custom home builder and I was the superintendent / lead carpenter on almost all our projects. Sometimes, I would have to fabricate things at home for a job as the projects were wrapping up and there was no place to work on-site. One Sunday afternoon I was planing down some material (approximately 2pm) to fabricate new cabinet doors (the painters had stained them the wrong color and these needed to be in place by Monday morning).

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It took about an hour to finish the planing and clean up and now I was getting ready to start cutting the pieces to length and gluing up the panels when she came back over and said “I thought you were done!” I told I was not but that this tool was much quieter than the other one and that it will not take to long to complete. She stewed in her juices for a minute and stomped her way back home. For the next 6 years, while they were living there, she would call the HOA every other day for anything she thought violated the HOA rules (bikes out, garden hose not wrapped up – those types of things.

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I saved April for last every morning, then retreated behind the glassy walls of the nurses station across from her bed, her curtains still drawn open, to write my notes. A cup of god-awful coffee mid-swig to my lips, my biggest challenge once seated was not to fall asleep as I scrawled. The ward was dim and deathly still, save the unearthly yelps, every five to ten minutes, from an unfortunate night shift nurse battling chronic hiccups. Each exclamation startled me back to the present, and I would look up from my notes to see April, still sitting there, eyes wide.

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