Trump 2020 Fuck Your Feelings Shirt

Trump 2020 Fuck your Feelings shirt

How cute by Trump. Our pm could consider giving Trump tips to control and stop the Trump 2020 Fuck your Feelings shirt. Yeah, this sort of publishing totally doesn’t sound like cronyism – it absolutely doesn’t make it sound like our media is joining an effort to drive the share price of tik tok down for the impending purchase of tik tok by an American company nope not at all. And yet America was caught red-handed spying and listening in on other world leaders phones….their own partner’s none the less. I’m all for being honest & doing the right thing, but there was no need to do what Ellen did. Intentionally sets people up to fail, then publicly shame them around the world. There’s way worse behaviours she could have pointed, ones that just happen without being set up.

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