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My practice is synced to the cycles of nature, specifically with the moon and the seasons. As this year closes, I’ve been taking time to reflect on this phase of winter by reading through previous journals and noting shifts, lessons, and learnings. I’ll be working with the last full moon of 2020 to shed what needs to be let go of from this year and then bring my awareness to what I am grateful for. I appreciate the most minimal and simple methods of ritual and ceremony. Remember, all you need is within. Look to what’s accessible and within your current space while seeking the elements around you—earth: paper, pencil, the ground; fire: a lighter or white candle; air: your breath or local plants to burn/cleanse your space; water: fill a glass to drink. Look to the moon, to the seasons, or to the ancestors to guide you in practices that resonate and work for you.

Second Amendment American Flag shirt

Everything is about intention, so for the intention of letting go, I prefer to do my rituals on the full moon. I find myself letting go in mind through meditation, letting go in the body through asanas, and letting go in spirit through feeling my feelings and writing. For me, writing works as a powerful method of transmuting energy, so I’ll typically find myself writing on paper all that I’d like to release, shed, and purge—writing freely, without thinking or judging it, and at times furiously. Then I’d take those pages and rip them up or burn them. After this releasing exercise, I like to intentionally fill this newly found space with whatever I’m being called to bring more of in—this tends to be the same, either more appreciation, compassion, or love in this life.

Second Amendment American Flag Unisex Hoodie

Before we honor a new year ahead, we first need to honor the ending that has created this new beginning.

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