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Once you find out who are your favorites, do some research to find out who else sounds similar to that person. Hope you enjoy.The ‘blown-away’ moment happened to me with ‘Blue Horizon’ by Wilbur Smith. I remember browsing in my school library for a nice fat book that could be read over the My broomstick runs on Dr Pepper Halloween shirt But I will love this stipulated week we had for issuing books. I came upon this author I had never heard of before, with a whole shelf dedicated to his works. I of course picked up the fattest one. As I read it, I realised I had stumbled upon a refreshing work of literature. All of Wilbur Smith’s novels are beautifully descriptive, so much so that every single detail can be imagined by you. I loved each and every moment of it. The book took you over hills and valleys for wild memorable adventures, and you discovered so much about people and nature, countries and commerce, anatomy and technology, every precious fact wonderfully cocooned in an amazing story.

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When I read it, I was 14. I am 19 now and have read most of his novels, including the My broomstick runs on Dr Pepper Halloween shirt But I will love this Ancient Egyptian trilogy revolving around generations of Pharoahs. Wilbur Smith is solely responsible for the fact that I fell in love with the African continent, because most of his books are set in the Africa, and his love for his homeland is evident in his works. I used to plot all my interactions in my head before, during and after school. I was highly jealous of people and their groups of friends. I saw myself as highly distinguished from them also (aesthetically, creatively and intellectually). I remember feeling something within me break. It was like I saw my mother for the first time as a separate human being. I remember thinking to myself that I’d never actually ‘seen’ her before. It’s as though she’d always been me. Like for the first time I had allowed her to break through my perceptions of her into being real. It hurt. I couldn’t articulate it but it bruised my ego. I don’t know how to truly explain that but it was the first form of positive disassociation that I went through.

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