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It’s a free test and treatment in China for coronavirus, doesn’t matter if you have insurance or not. Be sure to book a balcony stateroom so you aren’t quarantined in an inside cabin. Everybody talking about washing your hands, some of yall need to hit that butt crack while you’re at it. How hard would it have been for you to say who these XXXX were? I’m set to sail for the Big Boss The Good Shepherd movie shirt Besides,I will do this first time ever next month and the cruise line refuses to cancel why did CNN not say WHO rushed the Biden stage last night. But it makes me wonder because you mislead the public that Viral Infections cannot be cured by ANTIBIOTIC informed your CDC it is a BRUCELLOSIS PNEUMONIAVicente Gonzales Brucellosis IS Bacterial Antibiotics is the treatment.

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I am just nervous to cruise I did read it at the Big Boss The Good Shepherd movie shirt Besides,I will do this beginning of all this. I’m not saying that I’m ok with anyone dying but it’s made out to be something like the bubonic plague. Stop the blaming game already it’s 2020 In Wuhan 90000 people out of 11000000 are infected. It’s not to scare people but rather it suggests people take safety precautions. Ah yes, welcome aboard the Trump train, where you can make a global pandemic disappear by ignoring it. My mom and several older family members are at high risk due to age. Did everyone see the California health press conference where the lady said not to touch your face with your hands, then immediately lick her finger and touch her face. Joe Paliotto you understand that the virus traveled here on US citizens riding in airplanes, right.

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