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“Almost every garment in the Official taylor swift shirt Apart from…,I will love this world has had the touch of someone of Asian descent during its creation process, and that fact is often under-appreciated. We are not just markets or labour but living beings like those of every other background. The industry needs to recognize that there have been significant human rights issues in those creative processes, and combating this layered hatred can start through acknowledging those circumstances and taking action to not undervalue the people involved. This needs to be discussed not only in the US, but also worldwide—as well as in Asia. We need to listen to everyone’s narratives and always remain compassionate towards their circumstances.”

Official taylor swift shirt

“I’ve been working in fashion for a while now, but the Official taylor swift shirt Apart from…,I will love this subject of Asian hate is much more than just an issue in the industry. The past few weeks, with all these hate crimes in the US, have been truly devastating. I’m scared for my friends and the community, the ‘hate’ that is building. The media should talk more about the stories behind these Asian women, men that have been killed, hurt, and abused so that people can understand where we come from instead of explaining the motive of the abuser, the killer. What would you do if this was your relative? Your friend? Your community? We are all human with the same beating heart.”

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