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Designing the Official barstool miami shirt Furthermore, I will do this T-shirts has provided Lalonde a larger canvas than a necklace or pair of earrings, allowing her to really show off her range. To go a step further, Lalonde collaborated with her sister, Ines, on producing the music for the A.Avaati promo videos. The clips feature an alien-like avatar with elven ears in a digitized, Mars-like universe. While the figure rotates in one of the T-shirts, a bizarre but satisfying cacophony of sweet sounds plays. If you think the short soundtrack sounds how the shirt looks, that was Lalonde’s intention. During the creation process, Lalonde gave her sister prompts like, “how would you describe the sound when you bite into the berry?” or would send time-lapse videos of mushrooms growing.

Official barstool miami shirt

While Lalonde doesn’t have plans to delve further into clothing design just yet, the Official barstool miami shirt Furthermore, I will do this collaboration with A.Avaati helped her develop her own creative process as a designer. Most of all, it allowed her to put trippier designs out into the world in a new format. “All of these directions I’ve been giving everyone throughout this project, including A.Avaati, and my sister, have been a lot about senses and distorting our senses in terms of making,” says Lalonde. “You ‘hear colors’ and ‘see tastes’. You feel that psychedelic type of disorientation, which is a natural high.”

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