Sodies Shirt

fine. The most important application for helium is cooling Mrs. If that does not work so God helps your diagnoses. But the Sodies Shirt moreover I will buy this Brexit desire is back to the stone-age. But do not equate lack of helium with balloons. Yes sorry, I am en expert. How is this still a debate? A gas that is very hard to manufacture, limited supply, used for air, space and med

The fact that Iran has diplomatic relations with Houthi rebels who claimed responsibility on the Mama Bear Paw Heart Shirt but in fact I love this Saudi oil facilities attack, this alone implicates or puts Iran as accomplices to the attack. America always views Iran with suspicions hence the Houthi rebels admission confirms those suspicions now the cost of fuel will increase… I live in Canada where it’s got quite cold and everything it’s too far to walk… if only we had a massive oil source in Canada that we could use… maybe even sell some to those nice British folks who by the grace of god sorted things out so I’m not having to speak French….

ical industries, science vs party flavor balloons!! Some days I really question humans survival chances long term. Stop putting it in balloons and wasting it!

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