Sketchy Cat As Skull Shirt

Sketchy Cat as Skull Shirt

Two days since you decided you want Sketchy Cat as Skull Shirt to stop, you and I are still in contact. I still try to continue our story. That day, I went home to enjoy the holiday season. Sitting in a hammock, texting with me. Seeing me sad she sent the photos she took, she was still so beautiful, but she lacked a smile. I sat downstairs, playing with my niece, and he was still in the room alone. My mother saw that and immediately made me and her go to the movies. The first movie I watched after we finished. Lying in the darkroom, I opened my eyes to the ceiling, thinking about her face in the picture she sent. Sadness, loneliness, disappointment appeared in those eyes. That reminds me, how much I wanted you to smile happily. My text message came, I told me. Today watching a movie, there is a song just like us. Along with that ost link.

Sketchy Cat as Skull Shirt, hoodie, sweater and V-neck t-shirt

Sketchy Cat As Skull Hoodie
Sketchy Cat As Skull Sweater

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I didn’t answer, just silently plugged Sketchy Cat as Skull Shirt in the headset before listening to it. In that sound, the present and the past are intertwined. Joy becomes sadness, the memory becomes a memory. That night, time still passed, really slowly. Still walking under the rows of tamarinds, eyes slightly bent, mouth smiling, I pulled the headset out of my pocket, put it on my ear, and turned on the long-forgotten playlist. Memories. Each song, bringing a feeling about one person, at a time. No one, can’t live just because there’s one missing person! Today, I see you sitting alone, like me, there are many people around, but I feel so out of place. I want to step up, sit nearby and talk, and smile with you like we used to.

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