Say No To Sleepy Joe Shirt

Say no to sleepy Joe shirt

He fired General MacArthur and approved the dropping of the Atomic bomb not once but twice on civilains mostly women and children and old men on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. At this point the USA coulda just blockaded Japan untill surrender or attacked through a beach landing like D-Day and just used conventional weapons to finish of Japan. It was a show of force to scare the U.S.S.R. She used to keep the kitchen sink half-full of soapy water – it got fairly rank after a day-or-three – ‘to let things soak before they went into the dishwasher’ she said.

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I was an ICU RN at the time. I took a phone call from a Dr. For a “direct admit”. That means he has seen the patient and she is enroute to the hospital. He gave me her medical orders for medications, lab work and everything else. She should be here soon. He had just spoken with her and she was on her way in. She had been to her Dr. 2 days before for upper respiratory problems. He was treating her with antibiotics, breathing treatments at home and a few other things. She was just feeling worse. She called her Dr. Back and he sent her up to the hospital for a chest x-ray. She went back home after the x-ray.

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Say no to sleepy Joe shirt

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The Dr. Got the phone call from the radiologist (Dr. Who reads x-rays). The x-ray showed a “white out” meaning both lungs are full of crap. Her Dr called her and told her to go immediately to the hospital. Then he called me. About 2 hours passed and she hadn’t shown up. I called Dr to let him know. He started trying to find the patient. About 20 minutes later she came walking down the hall with her hubby. I took her straight to her room, gave her a gown, helped her undress and get into the gown. She’s looking pretty good, colors good, speech is easy and clear. She doesn’t seem to be very sick. She and hubby had gone out to dinner and a trip to Walmart enroute to the hospital.

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I took her blood pressure and couldn’t find one. I seriously thought the machine was broken. I went out and got another machine and asked another nurse to get me an IV and also call respiratory therapy for an oxygen set up and a nebulizer set up. I was out of the room less than 5 minutes. When I walked in it was obvious she had a significant decline in her health. I yelled out to the hallway for help and hit the code button near the head of her bed. She was unconscious and not breathing by the time help arrived.

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Never caught her in the act at home but she left clues. We had been married at the time for 9 years when it came out. We both worked at the same company only different shifts,I was on day shift and her on nights. The thought of her cheating never crossed my mind until I noticed things were missing. Now we always had some condoms in our bathroom for when she was on her period for additional protection. One day as I was grabbing something from the medicine cabinet I hit the box and it fell out.

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So, dishes and cleaning the kitchen wasn’t on her list of important things. She likely never knew what the vacuum cleaner sounded like as the floors were only meant to catch things that fell on them – not to be cleaned. And the laundry was essentially two piles in the ‘small bedroom converted to a nice laundry’ – one dirty, the other – not looking too different – was unfolded, unsorted clean. We didn’t need dressers – just go to the laundry room to find what you wanted, and hope what you needed was clean.

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