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Trump gave a trillion dollars to the richest of the rich with his tax cuts. He has done more to help people than you’ll ever do in a MILLION lifetimes. Eric Brizendine has already donated $8 billion dollars and will donate 99 % of his wealth to charity. Now, since he’s endorsed Biden, some of that money will be going to his campaign. GET YOUR TICKETS NOW You better go check on Bernie before he has a heart attack. THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH WILL BE WHEN BIDEN MOPS TRUMPS FACE ACROSS THE FLOOR ON THE DEBATE STAGE MUCH LIKE HOW HILLARY MADE HIM LOOK LIKE A FOOL.

Race Moms it's not for the weak shirt

Most times you invest with a good broker like me and you get twice or more of your investment in a short period of time or if you have ever been scammed and you want to recover your bitcoin. I’ve helped far more of my net worth than Bloomberg ever willow much do you get paid to troll for Bloomberg. We have veterans and children sleeping in the streets and you are attacking the media for mentioning wasting 3 4 of a billion to get a couple delegates. The money was used to pay for services, so there were people that benefited. Probably one of the better investments to stay paying 0 in taxes how do you know that campaign money that was used for rent, supplies, travel, wages didn’t help pay a student loan or other debts. Robert La Ferla far less money than he’s going to save over the next 10 years by not letting Bernie win.

Race Moms it's not for the weak s hoodie

They thought it was a cheaper bet to sabotage Bernie’s taxes and lost (for now. 750 million that could have been spent helping the homeless, veterans, students in debt, people with medical debt, schools, climate, etc. I love Bernie but he needs to grow some cojones and break with the establishment and do it. You have no idea what you are talking about 2 with your fake profiles should be ashamed of selling yourself to defend billionaires. CA, tonight Biden is at a fundraiser hosted by LA mayor Garcetti and Senator Feinstein. BrShoulda spent their money on affordable housing, better public schools, Flint water, better healthcare or paying off people’s medical GOFUNDMEs.

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