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Of course, the most revered engagement rings in history were made of the finest materials. Napoleon gave Josephine a ring meant to evoke two teardrops in sapphire and diamond to symbolize their two hearts; Queen Victoria opted for a snake ring, an unconventional choice even if it was accented with a large emerald, rubies, and diamonds. Audrey Hepburn brandished a trio of studded bands; Jackie Kennedy rocked an emerald. And Lady Diana Spencer’s famous engagement ring consisted of 14 diamonds surrounding that incredible 12-carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire, set in 18-karat white gold. (Kate Middleton has it now.)If we learn anything from these lessons in jewelry lore, it is this—there is no one “best engagement ring.” Whether you opt for a classic diamond, a traditional version with a twist, a vintage-inspired design, a dramatic all-in-one band, or something unexpected and truly wild, your ring will be as glorious, and, we hope, as long-lived as the relationship it celebrates

Basic witch advanced bitch shirt

In year’s past, the search for the best swimsuits for women typically kicks off at the first hint of warmer weather come springtime. There are vacations to pack for, a long Memorial Day weekend, and days at the beach to get excited about. Finding a new bathing suit (or two) was always part of the joy in preparing for the summer.Now, with vaccines rolling out, there’s hope that the months ahead will begin to feel more normal than summer 2020. Dreaming of colorful bikinis and sleek one-pieces might no longer be a form of escapism but a reality. Maybe, soon, we can all enjoy the sun.This season, swim brands are just as optimistic as we are, offering us styles for every occasion. There are classic triangle bikinis from Oséree, Tropic of C, and Solid and Striped and artful one-piece maillots by Cala de Cruz and La DoubleJ that appear doused in color. There are also sportier iterations from Tory Burch should you want to do some proper laps.

Basic witch advanced bitch hoodiee

If, right about now, you are feeling overwhelmed by this vast plethora of choices, in every price point, in every metal, there is an enormous variety of good, better, and best engagement rings out there. Would it help if you knew a little history of the best engagement rings?It all began, at least allegedly, in 1477, when Archduke Maximilian of Austria commissioned the very first diamond engagement ring for his intended, Mary of Burgundy. Members of the European nobility soon copied his idea. Still, the notion of a diamond engagement ring was far out of reach for most people, at least until the Victorian era, when a burgeoning middle class had the buying power for such trifles. (If you couldn’t afford a real diamond, you could have one of paste!)

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