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Since starring in a campaign for Gucci Beauty in partnership with Vogue Italia last year, British model Ellie Goldstein has become an exemplar of come-as-you-are confidence. Diagnosed with Down syndrome at birth, Goldstein—who is signed with Zebedee Management—was tapped for her authenticity. Since then, the model has continued to espouse her commitment to confidence and beauty of all kinds. “I love taking care of my skin on my face because I love to look wonderful and beautiful all the day,” says Goldstein, who begins her routine with a dose of vitamin D to boost immunity.

Pitbull Dad American flag shirt

This past week on Instagram was stacked with head-swiveling hair looks. SZA, for one, showed off a new fiery-red, layered do. Ari Lennox opted for straight back cornrows to complement her glowing skin. And model Mona Tougaard showed off a new hair cut: a blunt bob with bangs.Glowing skin shone through screens as well. Padma Lakshmi was busy “soaking up the sun” with tousled waves and bronzed cheeks—a perfect lesson in beach-time beauty before summer begins. Amy Sall also embraced a little sunshine with beaming cheeks and sleek hair. Singer-model Tsunaina proved a little blush and a terra-cotta hue on the lips make for the perfect springtime duo. Michelle Obama reminded us all to enjoy outdoor walks when we can. “I know it’s not always easy. We’re all juggling so much. But trust me, getting a little walk in is so good for your physical and mental health,” she wrote in her caption. Meanwhile, Alicia Keys shared a blissful water shot of her with her two sons. “One day they will be so big I won’t be able to hold them both at the same time,” she wrote. “⁣But for now, I’m not taking one second for granted!⁣” As for Tracee Ellis Ross? She shared an uplifting video on body positivity, and wrote she’s, “choosing gratitude and compassion for the body over judgment.”

Pitbull Dad American flag s hoodie black

Next, a trusted cleanser and toner ensure her visage is clean as can be, as well as ready to absorb a round of moisturizers, including Weleda Skin Food Light. “It’s very cold at the moment, so I have to moisturize my face because I get dry skin a lot of the time,” says Goldstein, who layers on Avon’s Distillery Sleep Potion Night Cream for extra hydration. “I moisturize my face every day and every night.” Touches of The Body Shop’s Mango Body Yogurt and Hand Cream ensure that skin is both smooth and scented, while a spritz of hair oil keeps Goldstein’s long brunette locks—which she allows her mother to cut on occasion—glossy and tamed. A pull of a brow pencil and a swipe of pink lipstick offer a subtle wash of day-ready glamour, but Goldstein’s ultimate beauty tool is her unwavering self-assuredness. “Be confident, never give up, and be yourself, no matter who you are—just be yourself,” says Goldstein. “Be perfect, in yourself.”

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