Patriots And Buccaneers Tompa Bay Gronkaneers Shirt

Patriots and Buccaneers Tompa Bay Gronkaneers shirt

For all the disappointments we witnessed Patriots and Buccaneers Tompa Bay Gronkaneers shirt in the prequels (CGI, bad acting, Jar Jar, etc) it was always interesting to see how our favorite characters became what we saw in the original trilogy: Obiwan from padawan to Jedi general, Anakin’s transformation, how the emperor got his groove… I mean his face. We never saw Yoda fight; he was always sitting, walking slowly (almost painfully), or being carried. At that point, I was certain Yoda was more of an academic expert of The Force: Someone who knew the Force, had studied it, could use it, but certainly not a fighter (Didn’t even have a lightsaber). Boy was I wrong, against Dooku, we see the little green master come to life and introducing a fighting style (Aturu) that was the most aesthetically/visually pleasing moment of all the prequels: It is aggressive, acrobatic, fast-paced, powerful and all over the place.
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Patriots and Buccaneers Tompa Bay Gronkaneers shirt

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Just a pure moment of joy from a Patriots and Buccaneers Tompa Bay Gronkaneers shirt otherwise underwhelming movie. I love that the Clone Wars has no good side and that the base issues that started the war (unequal representation in outer rim planets, and among aliens and droids) went completely unfixed. Some of the issues even got worse. I’m conflicted because some of my favorite characters are from this series. I love how Obi-Wan is stuck in a bad situation, dealing with a system he knows is flawed, the Jedi order. I love how he subtly bends the rules but doesn’t completely break the like Anakin, I love how he loses more than almost anyone else, but never falls to the dark side. Obi-Wan is my second favorite Star Wars character, but depending on the day, he’s sometimes my first.

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