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Relax gringo I’m legal shirt

Relax gringo I'm legal shirt, I know the owner and I have 3 hours layover. We like to have fun naming our #cocktails, and we like you to have fun drinking them Come to #ChickenAndWhiskey to enjoy your favorite from these awesome cocktails before we switch them for our summer...

They whine I wine shirt

Sometimes, They whine I wine shirt, I like to hold two m&m's in between my fingers and squeeze as hard as I can until one m&m cracks. I eat the cracked one, and the one that didn't crack becomes the champion. Then I grab another m&m and force it to...

Oldometer 50th Birthday Gift shirt

If the Oldometer 50th Birthday Gift shirt is done with no sugar ingredients, diabetic persons can eat it, although there are too many carbs. That looks so good. I wonder if I could make one with less sugar since I'm diabetic. Think I will give it a try using sugar-free Jello...

Snakes for hair stone cold shirt

In one of Snakes for hair stone cold shirt. I assure you I'm far from mythology. I need one of those nicotine patches designed to ween myself off bullshit. Lol time to start creating and patent that product lmao jk just saying tho dang. We played catch in the yard (...

Jeeps tacos pizza shirt

Jeeps tacos pizza shirt. Taco Tuesday on Wednesday! Ending the night watching the boys be wild as they ride ATVs & Jeeps all around the beautiful farm, then run around in sprinklers no pictures from that, as the boys were uhh boys. ALL natural as they played in the sprinklers....

Support intelligence sleep with an atheist shirt

Walking away from the Support intelligence sleep with an atheist shirt and an agreement that our country’s leading diplomats, scientists, and intelligence professionals negotiated. In a democracy, there will always be changes in policies and priorities from one Administration to the next. But the consistent flouting of agreements that our...

I love my country shirt

I love my country shirt. I love it with a clear eye to its failures as well as its triumphs, the hypocrisies it embodies as well as its loftiest ideals. And here is where I would caution the incoming administration of Donald Trump. You have appealed to some of the basest...

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