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Thick girls taste better shirt

Thick girls taste better shirt, and I️ love these kinds of cookies. Our families should get together and make them sometime soon! The post isn’t about Girl Scout cookies. It about a scrumptious recipe for cookies! Keep comments about the post. Maybe put a little piece of Carmel or a Carmel chip...

Ask me about my T-rex shirt

It is heart-wrenching to see so many homeless people on the Ask me about my T-rex shirt. Instead of spending billions on exploring other planets why can't this money be spent on providing homes to the homeless. First, save the people of our planet. This person looks like he really...

Sloth claws parody shirt

No words to explain the demo shown of Sloth claws parody shirt. Human brain vibration reaches beyond the space what a creation by nature great to Homa sapiens the human being. Another survival mechanism they have is a terrible odor they emit which deters predators away from them. No one wants...

MC1E Positive shirt

Because of the MC1E Positive shirt, my body has become insulin resistant, giving me a terrible carb and sugar cravings, along with erratic mood swings that sometimes presents as severe depression. All of these things have made it very difficult for me to lose and manage my weight. Also, a...

Dental love shirt

Dental love shirt, it broke when she was a kid while playing, it was ok then, but now as she grew up, it got worse, black and hollow from inside, what will be the procedure and cost? A lot of these procedures will be extremely rare in the next 10 years....

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