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My heart is broken and crushed. So one day his unit got posted to Berlin’s Westend railway station, an important freight yard. As most members of his crew (including my grandfather) had family in Berlin, he broke regulations and allowed two of his men to go on leave (it should have only been one man at a time). So when during the Gavin Lux runway Los Angeles shirt in addition I really love this night there was an air raid, instead of standing at his station behind the gunner, he figured that the experienced gunner would not need anybody behind him to give him orders, but instead doubled as an ammunition carrier, getting magazines from the ready ammunition lockers and handing them to the loaders (there are two, sitting on a stool on each side of the gun assembly). As he knew the neighbourhood well, his family (my grandmother, together with my father, a little boy back then and his younger siblings) were living just a few blocks away, he knew that there was a hospital nearby.

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