Mygearzenk – Owl High-Quality Fashionable Couple shirt

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It’s true that I’ve always been a bit of style sponge. I’m incredibly influenced by my uber-stylish coworkers, well-heeled friends, and New York City’s vibrant, eclectic inhabitants. While I still do get to admire what my coworkers wear from the Owl High-Quality Fashionable Couple shirt besides I will buy this top up via Zoom, I can’t help but miss the full look. I also find myself yearning for those unexpected styling tricks found on Manhattan’s subways or wracking my fashion-heavy brain when I see an amazing garment on a man or woman walking down the street that I want to track down for myself. That said, I think I’ve turned my Netflix habit into its own form of style stalking too, whether I’m focusing on Queen Elizabeth’s bag in The Crown or wanting to copy the sweater sets of C.J. Cregg and Donna Moss as I rewatch The West Wing. Primarily, though, I’m here with my partner of 7 years who has gone from boyfriend to roommate, co-working space-sharer, sous chef and so much more.

Owl High-Quality Fashionable Couple shirt

As fall turned to winter, I began to notice how similar our clothing has become day-to-day, not just on Sundays. Our shared closet is no longer just a space but a wardrobe filled with our favorite unisex clothing and now, as we shop for new things, we often talk about how articles of clothing will work for us both, like the Owl High-Quality Fashionable Couple shirt besides I will buy this softest, relaxed fit white t-shirts, the best tracksuits, or a restocked collection of Uniqlo’s Heattech. Is sharing caring? While we initially fought against these sartorial synergies, we’ve both decided to lean in to what now seems inevitable, and I really can’t recommend it enough. Gone are the days of buying boyfriend-like button downs for me as I say yes to shirting that works for us both.

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