I Love My Country Shirt

I love my country shirt

I love my country shirt. I love it with a clear eye to its failures as well as its triumphs, the hypocrisies it embodies as well as its loftiest ideals. And here is where I would caution the incoming administration of Donald Trump. You have appealed to some of the basest fears and lowest instincts of our electorate. This has given you a short-term burst of political power but does not think that American greatness is preordained. I deeply hope that we can still continue to call the United States the greatest nation on Earth because that will mean that we have made the right choices.

I love my country shirt, hoodie, sweater and v-neck t-shirt

I Love My Country Shirt
V-neck t-shirt
I Love My Country Shirt
I Love My Country Shirt
I Love My Country Shirt
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Offical I love my country shirt

I love my country shirt! I love the people who give their lives, their children, their fathers, their wives, and husbands to protect us and ours. To feel shame for this country that has afforded all of us all the opportunity to live our lives free and to care for our families as we choose. We may disagree with our representatives, and that alone is freedom. If you disagree, BE the change. To all of those members of my own family)who are intellectually lazy as Monday Quarterbacks, put the bottle of liquid courage down as you recline in your safe pillow-topped bed and do something. I love my country these actions we’re seeing are undermining what we are. Steve Clemons speaks about the US government’s child separation policy that is tearing families apart.

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