Kungkulpremium – Among Us Reindeer Christmas 2020 sweater

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The imagery is directly taken from Paula Crown’s work. The main black and red print is taken from her Kinematic series. An artwork process that represents a moment in flow. It begins from an investigation into liquid graphite and water, two materials that, like oil and water, do not mix. The poured liquid graphite flows in water, creating a dynamic and ephemeral composition, and two disparate materials achieve a harmony and balance. The resulting forms are photographed and printed in this case on a woven iridescent silk faille and double silk charmeuse. Interwoven into the Among Us Reindeer Christmas 2020 sweater Also,I will get this fabric is Lurex, which has a watery and metallic appearance, mimicking the original artwork process.

Among Us Reindeer Christmas 2020 sweater

In contrast to these two dark prints, we interspersed a more recent painting from Paula’s Aspen Map series, which she made in her Aspen studio during the Among Us Reindeer Christmas 2020 sweater Also,I will get this pandemic. The series is based on trail maps in Aspen that are abstracted, layered, and rotated to reveal new forms and patterns. Digital and analog drawing and painting techniques reveal what is present in a novel way. As we orient ourselves to space, our perceptions are easily distorted by point of view, time, and memory. Maps often have their own viewpoint and biases. Her reconfiguration is a reminder that we must always question the information presented to us and ask what has been left out of the story. The resulting works are puzzle-like compositions that are both adamantly flat and invitingly deep.

Among Us Reindeer Christmas 2020 sweater hoodie

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