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To achieve her signature lit-from-within finish, Washington then turns to a handful of skin-perfecting cosmetics. “When I first started working with Neutrogena, they did not make a concealer or a foundation to match my skin tone,” she recalls. When she signed on as a brand ambassador seven years ago, however, she set out to change that, ultimately helping to expand the Msnbc store msnbc #trackingkornackI shirt Also,I will get this collection’s shade offerings to accommodate “all different kinds of people with all different kinds of skin tones,” she notes. Today, she layers a bouncy, lighter hue with a slightly richer hue (along with a dollop of antioxidant-infused foundation) and then brushes her brows up with a spoolie—an admittedly pared-back approach to maintaining her arches. “I never want to do anything too permanent,” she reveals. “Obviously,” she adds, “Broomhilda von Shaft from Django does not have the same eyebrows as Olivia Pope.”

Msnbc store msnbc #trackingkornackI shirt

Now that “the Msnbc store msnbc #trackingkornackI shirt Also,I will get this frame is complete,” Washington moves on to a contour powder, which she sweeps down her cheekbone and nose and across the top of her forehead. “I’ve noticed if I don’t do a little bit of carving out, then I look really flat and without dimension on my various Zoom rendezvous,” she says before tapping a rose gold highlighter from Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty onto her cheeks. Then, in what may be the most important step, Washington pulls out a chubby brush by Hourglass. “This is how you make it all come together,” she says. “The contour! The highlighter! The blush! It all becomes one gorgeous landscape of a sunset.” Next comes a kohl eyeliner—an Indian beauty secret that Washington picked up while living in Kerela. “It’s very forgiving,” she explains. “You can make all kinds of mistakes with your mascara…but if you add a little bit of kohl eyeliner and blend it, nobody knows!”

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