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But the very thing they thought might hold them back became what set them apart. Candles like Kush, Slow Burn, and Redhead became the scent of home for many people across diverse demographics. Boy Smells created a universe unique to itself with its core collection and has explored and expanded upon it with each seasonal launch. One might think that the duo would take their best-selling candles and interpret them into fine fragrances, but Herman had something different in mind.

Earth day 51st anniversary 2021 butterfly environmental shirt

“I don’t really love to look back and put greatest hits on repeat,” Herman explains. “I didn’t see a need to just elevate existing candle scents. I just thought it was much more exciting to create something from new. I think that what you’re going to find in the fine fragrances still holds true to what you expect from Boy Smells. We’re taking things and turning them on their head.”

Earth day 51st anniversary 2021 butterfly environmental premium hoodie

The five scents that make up Cologne de Parfum take notes often considered masculine or feminine and blend them in ways that make them complement each other and expand them into something more. Boy Smells has always played with contrast of gender but also the juxtaposition of dissimilar notes, taking things that should be dissonant and making them harmonious. Boy Smells thrives in duality. Duality, though, implies the opposition of two ideas. Boy Smells widens the scope to include all gender identities across the spectrum. “To consider something to be genderful, I always have to have a balance of the masculine and feminine,” explains Herman. This notion is encompassed in scents such as Violet End, which gives the soft, powdery floral a “chic and dark” makeover with base notes such as orris, black tea, incense, and smoked papyrus, or Suede Pony, which puts a new, approachable spin on leather by blending saffron, pineapple, and cardamom, with coconut water and hazelnut, and of course, suede.

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