Hocus Pocus heauxcus peauxcus shirt

Most likely I will have to wait only 10 mins to vote that crap trump out. Man are you going to be disappointed and after that, you can wait 35,040 more hours till his 2nd term is up. I will wait in line for 24 hrs or more come November if it means voting that crap trump out of office. Thousands of people wasted their votes by voting early and their candidate wasn’t even running anymore by Election Day. THANK YOU for wanting your voice heard and I’M SORRY in 2020 you had to wait like that because someone obviously doesn’t wants to hear you. This is Republican policy and has been for decades, long before the Hocus Pocus heauxcus peauxcus shirt and I love this Orange menace moved on from scamming in New York to scamming the whole country. With sanders plan you could die before you get much-needed surgery there will fewer Drs fewer hospitals etc.

Hocus Pocus heauxcus peauxcus shirt

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