My heart belongs in New Yersey Ornament

I’ll never forget this argument they had one night. My dad came home super late from work drunk as hell. They were yelling about him not drinking and I was worried about my mom. So I snuck downstairs and hid under this round table that had a cloth over it. They were arguing in the kitchen and it move to the adjoined dining room that was right in front of the lower levels stairs (7 steps). I recall my dad asking for his glasses. My mom slid them to him across the dining table and he yelled “Don’t slide my fucking glasses!” And he started to lunge towards my mom. Well, mom lunged back and his stupid ass backwards down the steps. I had a great view. He flew straight down and landed on his back knocking the wind out of him. I ran out and looked down at him. Reality quickly hit them both that I had witnessed it. My dad started laughing and they collected themselves and put me back to bed. In reality I now look back and realize that’s the first time I was exposed to how fucked up my father is. My heart belongs in New Yersey Ornament

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