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e is using ribbon work to embrace his Two-Spirit identity and to challenge the Morsuje shirt besides I will buy this notion of what traditional design can be. (Two-Spirits are Indigenous people possessing both male and female spirits, and identify with both genders.) Based in Gallup, New Mexico, Louie—who is Chiricahua Apache and Navajo—only recently started getting into ribbon work, which he learned from his grandmother. He started creating pieces for himself a few years ago, saying he wanted to wear traditional ribbon dresses and skirts but couldn’t find them anywhere. “[In my community], there’s no Two-Spirit men wearing ribbon skirts,” says Louie. “When I first started wearing traditional womenswear outfits, I felt so alone because I didn’t see anybody doing that.”

Morsuje shirt

From that initial design, Louie began creating more ribboned pieces for himself and sharing them on social media—and people swiftly began taking notice. Now, Louie takes orders as well and makes all sorts of ribbon-work designs, from skirts with embroidered strawberries and flowers to off-the-shoulder dresses with embroidered wolf imagery. He displays his vibrant designs, mostly skirts and dresses, on his Instagram page. “Most of myMorsuje shirt besides I will buy this ‘traditional’ clothes are very contemporary,” Louie says. His Star Wars–themed ribbon shirt, for instance, blends tradition with images of C3PO and Yoda. He will also add high slits or fun fringing to his ribbon skirts, which traditionally are more streamlined and simple.

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