Damn right I am a D-Back fan now and forever shirt

Jonathan Anderson’s “show in a book” turns up at my door on a sunny, blustery morning. After days of damp gloom, the Damn right I am a D-Back fan now and forever shirt it is in the first place but light is remarkably mood-lifting. It’s a fitting arrival. After all, Loewe’s creative director is currently keen to foreground hope. “My feeling in 2021 is very different to a few weeks ago,” he tells me over Zoom. “I hit a creative emotional wall, where I was not confused to the point of no return, but confused in purpose. I think many people are feeling this [and are asking], ‘What am I doing?’” Luckily, Anderson found the answer. He’s trying to create something imbued with a sense of forward-looking optimism, rather than just “being a mirror on the situation right now.”

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