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First the country faced having Hillary Clinton as president, and many people felt that would be the end of the constitutional republic – but along comes Trump who was known for such things as promoting WWW wrestling, beauty pageants, reality TV, and wild real estate deals. Trump goes to work to “drain the swamp” and the media and democrats spend 4 years demonizing him and trying to get rid of him.

Girl dogs and chickens it was me the end shirt

Then the powers that be put Biden to run against Trump – and most everyone who is honest can see from Biden’s behavior that the poor man is in decline – but enough people want a puppet for a leader over Trump because Trump hate is so great.So it’s unfortunately a lesson in the decline of western civilization – the Globalists / Marxist have succeeded in dividing the country, they have taken over the university and indoctrinated into Marxism an entire generation of people who received participation trophies as children ….. the experiment of “liberty and freedom” for all is at risk of being lost – the Republic is at risk of being lost. The USA is filled with weak or dangerous people.

Girl dogs and chickens it was me the end s unisex, hoodie, sweatshirt

Many people now fear this will lead to the suppression of rights and mass murder (for real) – the way things always work when Marxism dominates. As the culture continues to promote social justice / critical race theory / internationality / Equity – and people who do not agree with this Marxist ideology get fed up being told they are bad people …… sooner or later something will snap and it will not be good. I’d estimate that well over half the USA is well armed.

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