Beware the Baba Yaga shirt

Personally, I think it looks like something Jeremy Scott would show—daring, irreverent, silly, and a little sexy. It is a truly absurdist fashion and also the Beware the Baba Yaga shirt but I will buy this shirt and I will love this epitome of dressing for the gram. Why? Because it doesn’t matter what you look like from any other angle, so long as you capture that one shot! And the results are delightful. Brittany Xavier, and especially social media savvy influencer (she’s big on TikTok). Do you think someone of a large network of women will even care if you didn’t apologize, grovel, chased, pursued, and did all you could to get that person back? No, because you are easily dispensable. Easily. Yes, it gets to them. My ex narc love bombed me for 4 years, then we lived together for one year. He told me he was in love with me and wanted a “real” relationship. Over the period of this year, there was plenty more love bombing, big trips, great sex, and heady times. Then after I was discarded via a phone call during a time of great family duress, we had a meeting to talk about the breakup. He told me I should beg him to stay in the relationship. Now, I have always been willing to go to the nth degree for love. However, I don’t beg for anything or anyone.

Beware the Baba Yaga s hoodie

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