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I look at you. A thin, short-haired Feliz Navidog Yorkie Christmas sweater baby, two pockets of a brown blouse were late to the thighs as if they had had to carry too many heavy things. Her pants were short to her knees, revealing her small calves that were always moving. I pay special attention to her eyes, eyes that are light and slanted, which make one immediately feel like a smart and brave baby. That day, the old woman was still in the field like always. But in the middle of the way back, she gently hid behind the door to see where the strange thing came from. Then, she saw from the jars of water, a fairy came out. How beautiful was the fairy? Her face was round. So, white and gentle as the full moon.

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She was wearing a long green Feliz Navidog Yorkie Christmas sweater, and she walked gently as if walking on the ground. Her hands held a soft brush to sweep the floor, sweep the yard, then went to the garden to pick up grass and water vegetables. Sneak over to the jar, reach for the shell and smash it to pieces. That day the old lady decided to see who brought the miracle to her home. She saw a fairy gently come out from the jars of water. She wears a colorful four-body shirt. Her face was round and gentle like a full moon. Her soft hands sweep the yard, sweep the floor, feed the pigs, then go to the garden to pick up grass and water the vegetables.