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Well, our people are kind and fully live Official Beets by Schrute shirt in gratitude. Patriotism, love, love for people, love for people, solidarity, … are the beauty of the soul. is the ethics of the nation. The above verse shows the source of Vietnamese strength. With love, our ancestors built up a long Dai Viet culture. With the love that our people today are eliminating the hatred of the past, together with building the great national unity bloc. Aiming at the goal “rich people, strong country, democracy, civilization”. Happiness, it is love. Ethics is human, it is kind, it is love. In the life of each person inevitable times of stumbling and failing. But the important thing is that after each failure, what you learn for yourself is important. Not so that the old man once taught his children an extremely poignant sentence “Failure is a successful mother”.

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This is considered to be a sentence with Official Beets by Schrute shirt an extremely profound connotation that contains a great lesson learned that his father has learned over many generations. Although there are only 6 words, it makes us ponder. First of all, we need to understand what is a failure? Failure is the tripping, mistakes that we encounter along the way. And that success is the sweet achievement that people reap by the hard work and effort of themselves. This statement has two seemingly opposite sides of success – failure. But it has an organic relationship, closely linked with each other. Failure is the mother of success. Means to go to sweet results people will have to go through so many trips and mistakes. Failure to fall is the bloody lesson to help people reap faster and more fruit harvest.