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This forces our protagonist to reevaluate everything, Fishing partner he sent me my son shirt and then to stand and fight in a battle that is not of his choosing. The MacGuffin ends up challenging our hero to reach new heroic heights, and to spend himself at the worthy cause. The Mandalorian is exceptionally well written. It takes an Old West archetype, lone wolf and cub, and integrates it with seamless perfection into our galaxy long, long ago and far, far away. I believe Baby Yoda will prove to be a free moral agent, one who will challenge the Mandalorian in ever more demanding ways as the series progresses. The Mandalorian’s motivation to protect the child is wonderfully realized. Remember, he too was a helpless child, set upon by forces that would have destroyed him.

Fishing partner he sent me my son shirt

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The fact the Mandalorians took him in not only defines him. Fishing partner he sent me my son shirt  It is the reason he breaks the guild code. It is why he throws away his life as he knows it and moves to protect the child. The Mandalorian sees himself when he looks into the youngling’s eyes. And when he sees that tiny green hand reaching out to him for aid. Dramatically, it is this mirror aspect of Baby Yoda which puts the series so far above more typical fare. The Mandalorian sees himself in this tiny emissary of another species and wants to be a better man as a result. Baby Yoda drives him to protect not only the child, but his own symbolic self. And that, at its heart, is what makes this great drama.

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