Autism Dad Shirt

Autism Dad shirt

Amen to that! You can’t judge if you haven’t walked that Autism Dad shirt! He has to set the course. You have to let him steer the ship. The more you try to force him into your preconceived image of growing up, the more trouble you both will encounter. Let go of Little League if it doesn’t interest him. Try gymnastics if he enjoys it. Learn to find pleasure on the Merry-Go-Round if the roller coasters scare or overstimulate him. Let him watch Barney on TV even if all the other kids are watching Spiderman. Does it really matter that much?

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Start scoring your days based on the number of Autism Dad shirt, rather than the number of times he acts like a typical kid. My grandson was diagnosed with autism the day before he turned 2. All that we were told nonverbal, may forget how to walk, and the list could go on and on. Well, my friends don’t for a minute think you as a parent can’t change all of the above. My daughter changed all that. Wish she writes a book. My grandson is 14 now.

Loves the church and taking drivers ed. I could go on and on all, he’s accomplished. He’s this grandmas knight and shinning armor! God is good! Keep the faith! Totally agree! I stopped trying to put my son in all the activities etc others enjoyed and he hated. Looked at activities he wanted to do and he has come along in leaps and bounds. Take the pressure off yourselves and enjoy him for being him. You cannot put a square peg in a round hole.

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