Let It Burn Christmas Sweater

Let It burn Christmas sweater

The memory of Let It burn Christmas sweater never fades in my mind. She is like a diligent boatman, day by day bringing us closer to her dream. She teaches us to be useful to the country as a green nursery. She will always be my second gentle mother, I also promised myself will always be a good child of her. Tomorrow, regardless of taking off to fly anywhere, I will find her home to visit. If anyone asks, “Who is your favorite teacher, a teacher during the five years of primary school?” Then you will not hesitate to answer immediately: “It is Teacher Nha”. The teacher devotedly taught him in the first grade. And to you, that is also my second father. Although then teachers and students were far apart. But the deep memories of the year I was in grade 1C of my teacher will never be forgotten.

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Let It Burn Christmas Ladies tee
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In class, I was the only one who wrote on my Let It burn Christmas sweater, so the teacher still used to hold my hand to sharpen each handwriting. And although I teach with all my heart, my fingers are determined not to listen. The letters are never in line and always distorted as if someone had struck a stick. Yet the left hand, though no one taught, wrote much nicer. Causing the teacher to say, “What a paradox.” One day, when it was time to practice writing – my most intense lesson was when I saw the teacher outside the class on the phone. As soon as I stepped out the door, I quickly changed to writing on my left hand. At the end of the hour, the teacher asked me to bring the notebook to the dots. I nervously looked at him, suddenly he sat up and rubbed my head

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