Corgi Feliz Navidog Christmas Sweater

Corgi Feliz Navidog Christmas sweater

The hen was as big as a kettle Corgi Feliz Navidog Christmas sweater, about two kilograms heavy. She wore a dark yellow fur. Crested, dark red, pretty. Sometimes the wings spread out in a straight leg, sometimes closed into the body like a vest. Beautiful legs beautiful silk roof, after only three litters and raising children, now there have been many changes: sharp nails and sharp, horn-colored scales wrapped around the pair of big and short chan. The tail is smooth and arched while spreading out in the sun. Each year, four litters, incubate and raise children. Her image keeps changing with the life cycle. Jumping into the straw, a moment later cried out loudly “Cluster! Cluck!”. During her egg-laying period, her body was round and her fur was smooth, she was always screaming “cook! Cook! ”.

Corgi Feliz Navidog Christmas sweater, shirt, hoodie and V-neck t-shirt

Corgi Feliz Navidog Christmas Hoodie
Corgi Feliz Navidog Christmas Guys Shirt
Guys Shirt
Corgi Feliz Navidog Christmas Ladies Tee
Ladies TeeCorgi Feliz Navidog Christmas 

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That beauty of hers made Corgi Feliz Navidog Christmas sweater rooster hold on tightly. After nearly a month of incubating, the hen became thinner. She became a mother with many children. Dozens of golden chicks look like silk, chirping, and chasing after their mother. She took care of a few herds of children, giving them each piece of plate, ants, small worms. About forty-five days later, the chicks grew shrimp tail, gradually away from the mother, independent. Her beauty is beautiful again, it seems like going to the salon to come back. The Xoan’s cock again clung to. My family’s flock of chickens grows every day. Hearing the “clack … clack …” chicken sound, I really like it. It is my mother’s treasure. It was cared for and treated by her mother.

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