John Andy

John Andy

LGBT Panasaurolophus shirt

I don’t know why people are so sensitive about offices. I don’t care. They could have left the cabinet there, the office was large enough and I didn’t care. I left the next year for an office that was open just like the outer office there, and we campaigned to...

LGBT Biceratops shirt

I often wonder at the picture we made in the sleepy little town of Cedar City, Utah, at three o’clock in the morning. Two vanfuls of people inexplicably wearing beachwear, buying pop and snacks while one sick blonde girl with a glow-in-the-dark sunburn ran to the restroom and started throwing...

Strong resilient indigenous shirt

Twice he crashed a forklift badly enough to need repairs, one of those was into the Target next door! But his daddy was friends with the regional manager, so this punk could do no wrong. the charmed punk made some very offensive comments about my on-again, off-again girlfriend at the...

Baby Yoda and Boba Fett Mandelorean Shirt

Home: You have a crush on a girl, you’re intinmdated, worried about other guys hitting on her, pursuing her. Well..since she’s single, you’re too. You really don’t have much power or control over that. She’s not going out with you,so..what can you do?!It’s being to pushy, aggressive where it’s...

Sun Of A Beach Vintage shirt

Home: The movie is a stylish and edge-of-your-seat Sun Of A Beach Vintage shirt superhero tale about redemption and simultaneously a story about an ordinary guy trying to live a normal life and win back the girl he loves. This is in stark contrast to Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Homecoming....

Too Cool For British Rule Vintage shirt

Home: First day: My daughter comes home after school and tells Too Cool For British Rule Vintage shirt me that the first thing her teacher did was have all the kids place all their “required” items in the middle of the floor and the teacher then divided everything equally,...

When They Go Low We Go High shirt

Home: It was a hot summer day with a significant risk of thunderstorm. When They Go Low We Go High shirt It was late afternoon when thunderstorms are most frequent. Despite being fairly experienced in the mountains, I started the climb. To make a long story short. The thunderstorm...

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